A Brief

About Us

PT. BimaSakti Inti Teknologi (PT.BIT) is an IT company that specializes in providing application systems for companies, offices and organizations.

The system we provide is in the form of a custom application, which is an application made on request, so that it can meet the company’s needs or the requestor’s expectations.

The application we provide is certainly different from the generic application that has been made beforehand, because those applications very general so it is the company that has to adapt to the application.

If the system in your company is no longer suitable for your conditions and needs, then you need a custom application.

Custom applications also do not have to be the system as a whole, but can be parts that cannot be accommodated by the current system, or a special system to meet certain needs.

Our History

PT. BimaSakti Inti Teknologi (PT.BIT) has started serving the public since 2015. At the beginning we only developed application systems ordered by companies (custom applications), but now we also provide application systems on a subscription basis. We create applications based on company requests and manage them, and companies only need to subscribe to use them.

Our Vision

We want to provide the application system that is easy to use and meets the needs or desires of the requestor. We want to help companies grow by utilizing affordable information technology.